Monday, March 12, 2007

Evil Pimp - Da Bad Guy Returns

2.Voices Say To Kill
3.Tryin To Get Rich
4.Steal Ya Dreamz
5.Smokers Airline (skit)
6.Call Me Da Cheefa
7.Condoms (Skit)
8.Cap In My Lap
9.Coming Hard (ft.Lady Dead)
10.Marvin (Skit)
11.Fuck A Trunk
12.Big Rimz
13.Think You Got Some Nutz
14.Job Search (skit)
15.Push Dat Weight
16.Books From Da Hood (skit)
17.Give A Damn (ft. Lady Dead)
18.Groupie Bitch
20.Cock Da Gauge (ft.Lady Dead)
21.Bitches Can Be Gangstaz Too (Song By: Lady Dead)
22.Ridin Wit Dis Drunk Bitch
23.Monkey Azz (ft. Stan Man)
Another official Tracklist for Evil Pimp's upcoming Album Da Bad Guy Returns (formerly Go Hard Or Go Home (formerly Witness Your Murder)).

Personally I wouldn't hope that it gets released this time...
It's announced for years, but he never dropped it.
I think there were several problems like leaking and/or problems with his manager, I'm not sure tho.
I just remember how Pimp took preorders on Witness Your Murder and Krucifix Klan: Da Last Krucifixin years ago - nobody ever received anything...

Evil Pimp - Ridin Wit Dis Drunk Bitch

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