Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tela arrested

Tela is arrested because he didn't pay child support for five years plus he didn't show up for court.
Rumors telling that he owes more than $128.000 in back child support.

Tela Discographie
•Piece of Mind (1996)
•Now Or Never (1998)
•The World Ain't Enuff (2000)
•Double Dose (2002)
+ Chopped & Screwed Versions of all four CDs

Sunday, May 20, 2007

King Goldi locked up

Memphis underground legend King Goldi is currently locked up.
According to his brother Huggie Bear he caught some mean charges and could be locked up for a longer time.
Goldi wanted to drop his new Album "Goldi's Novel II: Long Time Comin" this year.

King Goldi Discographie
-Solo Tape
-Goldi's Novel: All My Life
-Tennessee's Finest: Memphis Best Kept Secret

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crunchy Black -From Me To You

1. Do Da Crunchy Black
2. Catch Up With Your Kind
3. 3 Different Kinds Of Weed
4. Black On Black
5. Snitchin' Ass Bitches
6. Twin 45's
7. Catch That Cut
8. I Play Bitches
9. Let's Plan A Robbery
10. Let It Be Known
11. Suck On A Straw
12. Let I Be Known
13. Catch That Cut (Dragged & Chopped)
14. I PLay Bitches (Dragged & Chopped)
15. Let's PLan A Robbery (Dragged & Chopped)
16. Black On Black (Dragged & Chopped)

Releasedate: June, 12 pushed back to: July, 17
Hypnotize Minds LLC

This Album are just more Tracks from "On My Own"
some rumors telling Crunchy Blac would be back with Hypnotize Minds, but they are invalid.
Crunchy is still on his own and records for his real Album and some MixTapes. The first one he's goin to release should be entitled "Money Mask". Right now they're looking for distribution.

Mr.Del - The Hopedealer

Mr.Del - Hopedealer Vol.3 [MixTape] is out now

Mr.Del also makes a apperance on the new Kurtis Blow Presents: Hip Hop Ministry Sampler:
"06 Best In Me - Mr. Del ft.T.K."

Most Memphis-Rap Fans know Mr.Del from his apperance on "Azz & Tittiez" by Three 6 Mafia although he was already in the game before he clicked up with them.
Mr.Del split up with Three 6 Mafia as he found his way to the lord.
As a result of his strong faith he started making Christian Rap/Gospel Rap (he calls it: Holy Hip Hop) in April 2000.
This contains all his releases after "2nd Coming"
In April 2001 he found his own Label "Holy South Records". Since that he has released several Albums and MixTapes and is one of the most succesful Artists out of Memphis, although he's less known to Memphis-Rap Fans than lots of others.

His new Album "HopeDealer" is supposed to be in stores June 26th.

Mr.Del Discographie
-Lyrical Millenium [1999]
-2nd Coming (with B-Boy Family) [2000]
-Enter The Light [2000]
-Church Age [2003]
-Da TakeOver [2003]
-The Futur [2005]
-Crunk Soul [2007]
-HopeDealer (MixTape) [2007]
-HopeDealer Vol.2 (MixTape) [2007]
-HopeDealer Vo.3 (MixTape) [2007]

Holy South Ent. Discographie
-The Movement [2002]
-Worldwide [2004]
-Kingdom Crunk [2006]
-Memphis To ATL
-W.O.G. (Women Of God) - 31 Flava

Holy South Website