Sunday, April 22, 2007

Still getting Cash In Advance: Drop Hittz (f.k.a.Lil Drop) and GOD'S Music

Memphis 2001: the underground label "Coalition Entertainment (a.k.a.Secret Service Inc.)" drops his first release: Coalition Entertainment pres: C.I.A..
That CD introduced a lot of young, unknown, talented rappers (and the producer Tha Navigator) to the scene.
One of them stood out with his tounge twisting flow and his solo Track "Murder In My Dreams": Lil Drop, now known as Drop Hittz.
T-Rock, the cousin of the C.E.O. T-Love was a part of the label as well, and released "Conspiracy Theory" on it after he left Hypnotize Minds.
But then T-Love started betraying the Artists and the label broke up.
The Artists was on their own. Some tried to find another label, some ended their rap-career.
Drop Hittz hooked up with Money Makin' Ent., but they had some problems, so he soon abandoned the company.
Now he's down with the upcoming label GOD'S Music and prepares to drop his first Solo CD entitled
"To Something From Nothing (Tha Truth) Vol.1 ".

You're living in Memphis. Where exactly?

How's living there?
Good, I can't complain.
North Memphis tha Bay Area, but i'm from Douglass everyone know's about Douglass.

You're now down with GOD'S Music and it's C.E.O. Hurakane [formerly Hurricane of G Style].
How did you hook up with them?
I hooked up with Hurakane through my nigga C-Dub a.k.a Young Douglass, but i really thank it was God's doing.

How's your relation to the other former C.I.A. Members nowadays? Will there ever be another C.I.A. Album?
I luv all my C.I.A. Members, that was tha beginning to a long journey.
Maybe - only time will tell.

Or do you want to work with some members again?
Yes, I do want to. That would be cool, like old times!!!

What happened to the other C.I.A. Members?
I know Wylecat is down with T-Rock, Odd-1 is on his own, C-Mack (now known as Charlie Brown) is down with Street Smart Records, Green Team just released a MixTape, T-Love is in jail, but what about the rest?
I heard Tha Navigator is in jail, too. Do you know anything about that?
Don't really know but i know everyone is ok. Sometime shit happen's, but sometime it's for a reason...

T-Rock and IITone dropped some diss Tracks against T-Love as they
separated from Coalition Ent./Secret Service Inc.
How was your situation with Coalition Ent. back in the day?
It was ok for what it was, but could have been better. I was not taken serious.

How did C.I.A. come together as a group?
That's a long story. We don't have enough time for that. T-Love hand picked tha C.I.A/me Lil Drop/J-Love/Nightmare/everyone else was just on tha lable.

What do you think nowadays about Coalition Ent.and the C.I.A. Album?
Coalition Ent.. I don't have any hard feelings i'm steel C.I.A. made to tha casket close. Tha C.I.A. album was good for what it was, but it could have been better...

Earlier you used to do tung twisting rap. On you recent recordings you're rapping slower.
Why did you change your style?
I don't really change my style just slowed it down so people can understand what I was saying and people thought I was a girl.

You're planning to drop your solo Album "To Something From Nothing (Tha Truth) Vol.1 ".
Any Info on that?

Could you give us a current roster of GOD'S Music and maybe a little introduction to them?
GOD'S Music Is me Drop Hittz/Hurakane (C.E.O)/Chilly Cha/Young Dub/Lil Fred....
GOD'S Music stands for Good Old Down South Music...

What other projects do you have for the futur?
You gone have to wait and see.......but it will be worth it.

When was God's Music founded?
Tha Summer of 2004.

How come Hurakane found his own label instead of keeping G Style Entertainment with Romeo and Wolf?
Don't really know. You will have to ask Hurakane that?

What's up with G Style nowadays. Are they still rapping together?
They still cool, we all family.

Hurakane had/has some connections to some bigger personalitys in the Rapbuiness.
Are you going to use some of these connections?
Maybe, but right now we doing it on our own.

Last Words?
I been rapping for a long time and I know that it's my time now. Everything happen for a reason and I feel that Hurakane is my blessing. Big ups to ya big bru and I'm honored to be a part of the GODS Music family.

Drop Hittz MySpace
Another Drop Hittz MySpace
A Third Drop Hittz MySpace

Coalition Ent. / Secret-Service Inc. Discographie
•C.I.A. [Coalition Ent. pres.] (2001)
•T-Rock - Universal Mackin' [T-Rock was still with Hypnotize Minds that time, so they couldn't release it. It was released 2005 by IAP-TV]
•T-Rock - Conspiracy Theory (2002)
•T-Rock - Myth Of Reality (2002) [underground release; later rereleased by IAP-TV]
•T-Rock - Defcon 1: Lyrical Warfare [Secret Service Inc. pres.] (2003) [released as T-Rock already left the label]

Hurakane, nowadays the C.E.O. of GOD'S Music, is already in the Rapgame since the early days of Memphis. In 1993 he alreay had a Video with his Crew G Style (him, Romeo and Wolf) entitled "Gangsta".
Later they were down with Bad Boy C.E.O. Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and were supposed to release an Album with them.
In 2003 they dropped the Album, but on their own label G-Style Entertainment.

Hurakane Discographie
•G Style - Ghetto Prophecy (2003)
back: Wolf
front: Romeo
right: Hurakane

G Style - Gangsta Video

Sadly the Album to that Single never came out

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hypnotize Minds/Profit Posse News

Chrome isn't with Hypnotize Minds anymore. He had an argument with DJ Paul about money and left the Camp afterwards.
Black Rain Ent.-signee and Mid-South Ent. CEO IITone confirmed that Lord Infamous isn't down with them anymore, too.

But rumors telling Lil Ramsey (formerly on Street Smart Records; member of Magnolia Crime Click) is a member now. Lil Ramsey was already down with Three 6 Mafia in the underground Tapes days and was featured sometimes on them.
Source of this: On the MixTape "Throw Ya Sets Up 4 Special Gangsta Grillz Edition" (by DJ Drama & DJ Rob, hosted by Lil Wyte) Lil Wyte gives shouts-outs to all the Camp members and he includes "Lil Ramsey" and someone who sounds like "Crazy Mike".

1.The One And Only
2.We Ain't Kool
3.I Got That Candy
4.That's What's Up
5.Talkin' Ain't Walkin'
6.Get High
7.It's On
8.Feelin' Real Pimpish (ft.Project Pat)
9.Get Wrong
10. Choppa On Da Back Seat (ft.Project Pat)
11.Gettin' Money Boy
13.Got'm Lookin'
14.Fucked Up
17.Do It Fluid
18.Dat Boy (ft.Project Pat)
19.Gun Do Da Talkin'
Releasedate: 6/5/2007

Prophet Posse "The Return Part 2" is supposed to drop this summer, and this Album will sound more sinister/mystical like Prophet Posse did back in the day. The Return Part 3 comes out this fall or winter. Also they want to release a Body Parts 2 a.k.a. Body Bags like they announced a few years ago.

new Album of the former Hypnotize Minds member, out of ATL, T-Rock "Da Kush" drops May 29th.

"Ah yeah, the scariest motherfucking Klan
in the motherfucking land. Who run us?
The good, the bad, the motherfucking ugly.
It's Prophet Posse nigga, who up in this motherfucker?"

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Releases for April

out now
Dutty Laundry & Nakia Shine - Hood Classics 7 (MixTape)
LV the Lethal Villian & Lil Rob - No Loverboys [DJ Sound pres.]
Yung C - B.S.W. (MixTape)

Memphis Or Die: The Movement Vol. 1 (DVD & Sampler) [pushed back from 20th February]
Mr.Sche - Supa Star
Playa Fly - Mafia All Day

Tha Bank - All Or Nothin (MixTape)