Monday, December 31, 2007

Criminal Manne -Da Supplyer MixTape

available for free download


or go to Crim's MySpace

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playa Fly -Horses Video

from his upcoming Album Mafia All Day, but it was also on his last MixTape Prepare Or Beware

never knew they made a Video for it, tho it's more like a concert.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007


according to the pictures on DJ Zirk's MySpace they plan to drop a new TiniMaine Solo, TiniMaine & Primo Collab Album and also Zirk's new Album Buck City.

no releasedates tho, plus Buck City was already supposed to drop about half a year ago.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stuff I Forgot To Say | December

or: I had no Internet last month.

Gangsta Boo announced she works on a collab-Album with La'Chat entitled "We Da Hardest".
K-Rock and Scan Man appear to be rip-offs (see Valtiel's MySpace and K-Rock's MySpace).
K-Rock wants to record an Album with T-Rock, but according to Rock Solid Labelmates one shouldn't expect something soon.
Crunchy Blac got a warrant.

came out November:
•Nino & DJ Squeeky -Hood Hustlin 8 (MixTape, Screwed & Chopped)
•Yung Kee -Um Fukk'd Up ' Gimmie Sumthin

could come out december:
•Bumpy Johnson -"D"Boy Muzik (MixTape)
•Da Volunteers -Underground Kings Of Memphis
•Lil Jack & Yung Koke -White Boys (MixTape) (drops on the 17th)
•Three 6 Mafia -Last 2 Walk (pushed back Spring 2008)

Kia Shine: W.O.W. Video

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

D.J.Sound & Playa 1 Interview

The Finnish website made an Interview with D.J.Sound and Playa 1 about a month ago.

A good read, plus the first Interview with them ever, so check it out:

La' Chat signs with So Icy

La' Chat signed with Gucci Mane's Label "So Icy". Gucci Mane mentioned it in an recent Interview with There are no further information at the moment.

La' Chat was already signed with a lot of labels during her career. She began with Tommy Wright III's Street Smart Records, but never dropped an Album there. After she left Street Smart she hooked up with Hypnotize Minds where she dropped her first Album "Murder: She Spoke" in 2001. After arguments she left the label, and in 2004 "Ultimate Revenge was released by Power N Industry. Old recordings tho, because that time La' Chat already was signed with Kia Shine and Jack Frost's "Rap Hustlaz" and recorded on her Album "Dramatize". In the meantime she also dropped an MixTape entitled "Gutta". After she left Rap Hustlaz she signed with Yo Gotti's Inevitabel Ent. and released her most recent Album "Bad Influence" in 2006.

•Murder: She Spoke (2001)
•Ultimate Revenge (2004)
•Gutta MixTape Vol.1 (2004)
•Dramatize (2004)
•Bad Influence (2006)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Yung C - "B.S.W. II: Reloaded & Uncensored" The Mixtape

01. Parental Advisory
02. Intro
03. Reloaded & Uncensored
04. That's What's Up (Reloaded) Feat. Mac Gutta
05. Gun Language Feat. Mac Gutta
06. Born In Da Dirty Dirty Feat. G.M.B.
07. What Ya Wanna Do Feat. Big Stang (Album Exclusive)
08. Army of Darkness
09. Play Ya Part
10. I Told Ya
11. Money Made Movement Part 1 Feat. G.M.B
12. If I Had A Dolla
13. R.I.P. Yung Pachino & Lil Ced
14. Been On My Hustle (Yung Pachino)
15. Real Recognize Real (Yung C. Pachino Feat. Yung C.)
16. G.M.B. Checks In
17. Ain't Gone Let Up (Reloaded) Feat. G.M.B.
18. What Goes Around
19. Intro To The Runnin' Man (L.P.)
20. Runnin' Man Feat. T-Mack & Mac E. (Album Exclusive)
21. Getaway
22. Fam First
23. Love Song
24. Crank That (Reloaded)
25. Proof
26. Dirt Checks In
27. Money Made Movement Part 2 Feat. G.M.B. & Dirt
+ 3 hidden bonus Tracks

Download 1
Download 2
Download at Soundclick

Yung C's MySpace

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Releases October

•8Ball & Devius -"The Rookie & The Vet"

•47Mobb -"It Iz What It Iz"

•Lord Infamous -"The Man, The Myth, The Legacy"

•DJ Sound -"Volume 6"
•Indo G -"Purple Drank"
•Montana Trax -"A League Of My Own"
•Project Pat -"Walkin bank Roll"
•Prophet Posse -"Belly Of The Beast: Part II"

•Bumpy Johnson -""D" Boy Muzik [MixTape]"

Monday, September 24, 2007

M⋅Town Underground DVD Magazin


Many more, plus they post new Interviews every day, so check their MySpace

King Goldi

is behind bars...again.

C-Rock (of Manson Family)

Interview at
Some Parts are in German, but the actual Interview is English.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lord Infamous -The Man, The Myth, The Legacy

01. Intro
02. Where Iz Da Love
03. John
04. These Hoes (Feat. La Chat)
05. You Don’t Want None (Feat D-Dirt and Enigma)
06. Frosty (Feat. II Tone and Mac Montese of Da Crime-Click)
07. Money
08. Pussy Stank
09. Parking Lot
10. The Roll Song
11. Jump (Feat. II Tone and Big Stang)
12. Pimpin'
13. B.O.C. (Feat. T-Rock and II Tone)
14. Yeah I'm Wit It
15. Bank (Feat. Santerria)
16. Ism (Feat. Mac Montese of Da Crime-Click)
17. Club House Click (Feat II Tone, Da Crime-Click, D-Dirt, Santerria and Big Stang)
18. Til Death

October 23th

Official Black Rain Ent. Website

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Montana Trax

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Playa Fly -Prepare Or Beware MixTape

Playa Fly's new MixTape "Prepare Or Beware: Tha Mafia Massacre" is out since a few days.

1. Intro
2. Prepare Or Beware
3. Mob
4. Blowin
5. Horses
6. Universal Heart Throb
7. Interview
8. Remember Me
9. Life Goes On
10. Interview
11. Da Truth
12. Interview
13. Minnie Mae 4 Life
14. Gutta Back
15. Hood Chick
16. Virgin Mary
17. I Cant Complain
18. Interview
19. Gone So Long (World Premier)
20. Interview
21. The Song (Ft. 20+ Memphis Rappers)

Hosted by Montana Trax
New Album "Mafia All Day" coming soon...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Releases September

•D.J. Sound -"Volume 8"
•Infintry -"Beyond Tha Struggle"

•Bumpy Johnson -""D" Boy Muzik" [MixTape] (no set Releasedate yet, but it's rather coming out October)
•Frayser Boy -"Da Streets Need Me Vol.2" [MixTape]
•Playa Pooh -"The Emancipation Proclamation" [MixTape]
•Tela -"Made In The USA"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

KamiKaze Inc.

1995 a Tape by Juicy J & DJ Paul, entitled "Volume 3 Spring Mix 95" was released. That Tape contained the first Killa Klan Kaze Track "Runnin' Lip". That crew consisted out of M.C.Mack, Scan Man, and K-Rock. They also had another Track on the Three 6 Mafia EP Live By Yo Rep, entitled "Be A Witness". After that K-Rock was replaced with Project Pat, and 1998 the first and last The Kaze Album "Kamakaze: Timez Up" came out. That was also the last release on Prophet Ent., and the label became Hypnotized Minds. During that transition all the artists became new cars and Hypnotize Minds chains, except M.C.Mack and Scan Man, because they didn't get moved to Hypnotized Minds. That was one difference. Also their contract limited their production, and things they could rap about. So 1999 Scan and Mack founded their own label "KamiKaze Inc.", because they wanted more independence. Already the same year the label released its first release by Thugz From Da SouthSide: "Kazed Out: 2000Mazedestruction"

KamiKaze Inc. Artists
M.C. Mack
Scan Man
Corb Rome (f.k.a. Lil' Corb)

Total Kayos
Pimp Teddy
D.P.C. (1st Half)
Da Menace (2nd Half)
Mac Yo

Lil' E

KamiKaze Inc.
•KamiKaze (2001)

•Only The Strong Survive (2005)

•Best Of KamiKaze Inc. (2006)


The Rapper out of Raleigh, North Memphis, started rapping during his HighSchool Time, and his first Track ever was Go To Church Hoe. With another of his Tracks, "Let's Make A Stain" he attracted the attention of Juicy J and DJ Paul. Also M.C.Mack brought T-Rock in the game by puting his Track "Prosperty Over Poverty" on one of his Tapes - as Juicy J heard that Track he wanted to sign T-Rock.

•Tales From The Mackside [Underground Tape]
•Chapters Of A Mack
[Underground Tape]
•Pimpin As A Mack
(1995) [Underground Tape]
Compilation For Da 96 (1996) [Underground Tape]
•My Last Underground Tape
(1997) [Underground Tape]
•Chapters Of Tha Mack For Life [1993-1996] (2000)

•Talez From Da Mackside (2001)

•Macknificent (2003)

Scan Man
The so called crazed Lyricist out of Third World (a part of Orange Mound). Although he's as long as M.C.Mack in the game Scan Man didn't release one Album yet.

Thugz From Da SouthSide
The Thugz From Da SouthSide are Lil' Corb (a.k.a.Corb Rome), Nigaro, Total Kayos, and Pimp Teddy

Kazed Out: 2000Mazedestruction (1999)

Lil' Corb (a.k.a.Corb Rome)
Corb Rome, formerly Lil' Corb, is the Cousin of M.C.Mack. He also grew up in North Memphis, and released one underground Tape at the Time Mack was already with Three 6 Mafia.

•Killa From Da NorthSide (1996) [Undergound Tape]
•Danger Zone (2002)

Total Kayos
Total Kayos is one of the members of Thugs From Da SouthSide, as well as one of the very first KamiKaze Inc. members. He's not just rapping, he also regulates the recordings at KamiKaze/Kazed Out Studios.

Pimp Teddy
Pimp Teddy missed on M.C.Mack's "Macknificent", because he was incarcerated around 2002. He was released from jail right in time to record for "Only The Strong Survive".

Nigaro's out of Smokey City. Althought he was one of the first Members, and some people say Nigaro's the most gifted out of them, there was never just an announcement of a Solo Album by him.

[picture coming soon]
Although Suave was with KamiKaze quite from the start, he left the label around 2001-2002. His announced Album "Ghetto Genie" was never released.

M-Child was, like M.C.Mack and Scan Man, signed with Prophet Ent. before. He was one of the "newcomers" of Prophet Posse, and made his first apperance on Three 6 Mafia's The End. He also had some apperances on the Prophet Posse Album, but he left the crew during the transition to Hypnotized Minds.
2000 M-Child's Album dropped on KamiKaze Inc., but
he had a joint venture deal with KamiKaze Inc. for this Album. He never really was a part of KamiKaze Inc. as a group, but he was featured on the KamiKaze Inc. CDs and M.C.Mack's Talez From Da Mackside although, plus he had another CD announced on KamiKaze Inc., which was never released.
After KamiKaze Inc. M-Child was down with Gangsta Boo and Crazy Lady Ent., but he's still also with KamiKaze, and will be featured on M.C.Mack's upcoming release.

•Gon' Madd (2000)

Da Vigilantes
(D.P.C. & Da Menace)
D.P.C. and Da Menace, together called Da Vigilantes, are the newest members of KamiKaze Inc..
Besides rapping the duo also produces.

(Mac) Yo
Yo was down with KamiKaze in the underground days, then, as they went nationwide he disappeared. He made his comeback in 2003 on M.C.Mack's "Macknificent".

Lil' E
Lil' E was a member for a very short Time: he was on two Tracks of the "KamiKaze" Sampler, but he wasn't listed as a outside-feature. However, he wasn't on the Cover neither..

Outlaw was with KamiKaze in the underground days, but had already left as they went nationwide.

Other KamiKaze Inc. Crews

The Squadronz (a.k.a.Double K Squadronz)
(Nigaro & Lil' Corb)

The Crew consisting of Corb Rome and Nigaro have an Album entitled "Element Of Suprise" announced since 2000.

(Scan Man & M.C.Mack)
Katastrophe, or in the beginning still Killa Klan Kaze had one Album announced on KamiKaze Inc.:

"The Fear Of Not Knowing". Previously it was announced as "Timez Up Pt.2".
Anyway, that Album isn't in their plans at the moment anymore.

Da Un-For-Sakenz
(Scan Man & Total Kayos)
The two acid Rappers of KamiKaze combined. Their Album "LoveHatesWorldlyTragedies" is annonced since 2003.

North Memphis Playa Click
The North Memphis Playa Click was just an underground Crew, although there Tape is more like a Sampler with Solo Tracks.
That Crew doesn't exist anymore.
•Northside Bound [Underground Tape]

Other Announced Albums
•Scan Man: "Rage Of Innocence"

announced since 2001.
•M.C.Mack pres."Pure Ana Mix CD"
announced since 2005

M.C. Mack & T-Rock
supposed to come out, but the didn't even start recording yet, because T-Rock is grinding for his Royal Family, and works also on a Collaboration-Album with Mr.Sche.
Da Vigilantes
announced since 2005
Pimp Teddy
announced since 1999

Other Cancelled Albums
•Suave: "Ghetto Genie"
•Thugz From Da SouthSide: "EP"
•Thugz From Da SouthSide: "Urban Warfare"

Outside Features & Productions
•K-Rock [K-Shock The World] "K-Rock My Name"
Koopsta Knicca [The Mind Of Robert Kooper]
"There He Go"
"Fie Cap"
"Memphis To Hollywood"
"Top Secret"
"Soar High"
•Koopsta Knicca [Undaground Muzic Volume One]
"Month 1/2 Left"
"Whoop That Bitch (Hurt That Hoe)"
"Cracked House"
"A Murder N' Room 8"
"Bald Head"
•Playa Panne [Don't Play No Games] "Don't Dis This"
•Prophet Posse [The Return: Part 1] "My Posse"
TN Da Entertainer pres. [Tennessee Representaz] "Uh! Oh!"
•Young Southern Playaz [The Dirty 3rd]
"Point Em' Out, Take Em' Out"
"You Get Murdered"
"Whatcha Claimin'"

MySpace Pages
KamiKaze Inc.
Scan Man
Total Kayos
Da Vigilantes
D.P.C. (1st Half)
Da Menace (2nd Half)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Manson Family MySpace

The Manson Family has a new MySpace

Right now the Manson Family consists of Lil' Sko, Lil Jack, C-Rock, Yung Koke, and they got Mr.Maceo as Producer.


Joe Gotti's new Website is now online.
UncutRapTV hosts Rapvideos, and TV Shows.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Releases August

•"The Workhouse Vol.1"

Indo G -"Purple Drank" pushed back to October 30th
•Muck Sticky -"Bobolink Cove"

•8Ways Entertainment -"MixTape Series Vol.1" [MixTape]
•Playa Pooh -"The Declaration Of Independence" [MixTape]

•Project Pat -"What Cha Starin' At?" [MixTape]

•Playa Fly -"Prepare Or Beware: Da Mafia Massacre" [MixTape]
•Tela -"P.I.M.P. (Power In My People)" [a.k.a. "Made In The U.S.A."]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gangsta Boo | Project Pat Books

Gangsta Boo currently writes a book entitled "My Life With and Without Three 6 Mafia".

What happened to Project Pat's book? I thought it should get released about the same time as "Crook By The Book"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


King Goldi is back out of Jail.
Koopsta Knicca is in Jail, again, because he violated probation by failing a drug test.

King Goldi -"Goldi's Novel II: Long Time Coming" is supposed to drop soon.
Koopsta Knicca -"Da Devil's Playground 2" is supposed to drop soon.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Releases: July

out now
•DJ Sound -"Vol.9: Negative Thoughts"
•Lil Yo -"Ridgecrest Killaz" (Lil Yo = Yo Gotti)

•T-Magic -"It's Official: Da Mixtape"

•DJ Chief Rocka & Gangsta Boo -"Gangsta Rock" [MixTape]

•Straight Outta Frayser Soudtrack [Lite Green Records pres.]
•Playa 1 & Bloody Bones -"Underground Hitz" [Lite Green Records pres.]

•Skinny Pimp -"Street Mix" [MixTape]
•Slicc -"City Sliccer" (he's out of TX, but he was down with the Gimisum Fam back in the day.)
•Three 6 Mafia -"Da Last 2 Walk" (pushed back to December, 4th)

•Kinfolk Kia Shine -"Due Season" (pushed back from June 19th)
•Playa Fly -"Mafia All Day"

•Playa Fly -"The Mafia Massacre" [MixTape] (means that the Album prolly gets pushed back)