Saturday, March 24, 2007

Maf War Newz 2k7: So Serious of the Gimisum Army

So Serious, member of the notorious Gimisum Family, Ski Mask Troopaz are him, Playa Dre (a.k.a.Mista Dre), Killaeon, and Redrum.
He grew up in North Memphis and went to school with the other Ski Mask Troopaz Members. At first he, Killaeon and Redrum were a crew called "The Mob". They performed in their neighborhood until they caught the attention of KingPin Skinny Pimp - and 2 weeks later the Memphis underground classic Tape "Gimisum Dungeon", with the first
Track featuring Ski Mask Troopaz "No Ducking", was released.
That was in 1995, now in 2007 So Serious prepares to release his first Soloalbum entitled "Only Me".

What's up So Serious, glad to make this Interview with you. How are you doing? Blessed to b alive. Sorry it took so long to respond. Just got back in town.

So you grew up in North Memphis. How was grewing up there?
Like any other hood. Tryin 2 survive and stay alive.

How does your regular day look like?
A regular day 4 me would be tryin 2 stay in tha studio as much as possible.

After the Underground Tapes you were featured on CDs like Big Hill "Over The Average Lucky", Lil Gin "Blockin My Shine" and T-Mack "Out Tha Frame", but you were never featured on a Kingpin Skinny Pimp CD. Why that?
At tha time Skinny was on contract with Three-Six and we were just doin underground tapes wit Skinny. It's not like he didn't want us on tha album but it was paperwork involved between him and Three-Six and we weren't on paper.

All in all there wasn't really much news about you. What was up with you all these years?
Workin on my first solo project.

On you MySpace Page it says "A former member of Ski Mask Troopaz". You aren't a part of the group anymore? Why? What's you relation to them now?
I'm still down with tha Ski Mask Troopaz and we talk everyday. Look at fa Tha Return of Tha Ski Mask Troopaz.

Will you be on the upcoming Ski Mask Troopaz Album?
Fa sho!

What's your favorite Gimisum Underground Tape, and why?
Ski Mask Troopaz because Skinny gave us an opportunity 2 do want we wanted.

Even the Gimisum Family is well known to Memphis Fans Skinny Pimp is the only really known and successfull member. What do you think about that?
Once again that goes back 2 paperwork. His albums were pushed on a mainstream level and we were still underground.

You're down with Tracksmith Music now. How did you hook up with them?
I met Catina Johnson at a talent show and she wanted 2 work with me. The next day I was in tha studio wit her producer Tracksmith.

You're planning to drop a new Album, "Only Me". Any Info on that?
Look for it!!

You even have a Video for it. Do you expect to become better known or more mainstream with it?
Of course!

What other projects do you have for the future?
I am currently working on a mix tape that I plan 2 bring out before the album drop. Called "No Time 2 Waste". Like I said before we are working on "Tha Return of Tha Ski Mask Troopaz". And of course my solo "Only Me"

Any last words?
I'm still writin, I'm still in tha studio, kids gotta eat so daddy gotta grind!!!!! I appreciate tha interview.

So Serious MySpace

Me & You

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ain't Nothing On Da Town

Not much is going on in the Memphisrap scene at the moment.
Since there's nothing to write about I decided to post some MP3s.

Only thing is that Koopsta Knicca gotta be out of jail, because he was at the Prophet Posse signing on the 20th.

Bigg Baby - Bigg Baby You Can't
Bumpy Johnson - On A Mission
Doc Holiday - 26Chromes (Snippett)
GreenTeam Hustlaz Inc. - Trouble
Hottsauce (of the Prophet Posse) - Lick It Lick It
John Doe (of the Manson Family) - Slizzard On Da Goose
KamiKaze Inc. - Still Love Ya
Lil Noid - What U Gonna Do
Se7en Da Great - GetoStar (Snippett)
Young AJ - Gettin Money

"if you like the sound go get the CD"
tho they're all unreleasd except for GreenTeam Hustlaz Inc., and Se7en Da Great. But you can keep it in mind.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Evil Pimp - Da Bad Guy Returns

2.Voices Say To Kill
3.Tryin To Get Rich
4.Steal Ya Dreamz
5.Smokers Airline (skit)
6.Call Me Da Cheefa
7.Condoms (Skit)
8.Cap In My Lap
9.Coming Hard (ft.Lady Dead)
10.Marvin (Skit)
11.Fuck A Trunk
12.Big Rimz
13.Think You Got Some Nutz
14.Job Search (skit)
15.Push Dat Weight
16.Books From Da Hood (skit)
17.Give A Damn (ft. Lady Dead)
18.Groupie Bitch
20.Cock Da Gauge (ft.Lady Dead)
21.Bitches Can Be Gangstaz Too (Song By: Lady Dead)
22.Ridin Wit Dis Drunk Bitch
23.Monkey Azz (ft. Stan Man)
Another official Tracklist for Evil Pimp's upcoming Album Da Bad Guy Returns (formerly Go Hard Or Go Home (formerly Witness Your Murder)).

Personally I wouldn't hope that it gets released this time...
It's announced for years, but he never dropped it.
I think there were several problems like leaking and/or problems with his manager, I'm not sure tho.
I just remember how Pimp took preorders on Witness Your Murder and Krucifix Klan: Da Last Krucifixin years ago - nobody ever received anything...

Evil Pimp - Ridin Wit Dis Drunk Bitch

Saturday, March 10, 2007

GreenTeam Hustlaz | Womack The Omen

GreenTeam Hustlaz Inc. released a MixTape today.
Get it at CDBaby
GreenTeam is 6ix Shot and Mr.Grip, which were signed on Coalition Entertainment earlier and they were a part of C.I.A.. They are also featured on T-Rock "Conspiracy Theory"
GreenTeam MySpace
Another GreenTeam MySpace

Upcoming Womack The Omen releases:
•Dark Hallwayz (MixTape)
•In My Own World
•Book Of The Dead (Remastered)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Three 6 Mafia - Tha Last 2 Walk


Doe Boy Fresh ft. Chamillionaire
Ready 4 Whatever ft. Lil Jon, Project Pat
Bang, Bang
Clane Clane
We Got da Club
See Me
Suga Daddy ft. Crime Mob
You Know How We Ball ft. Paul Wall, Lil Keke
See You Fall
Time and Time ft. Project Pat
Hoodstar ft. Lyfe Jennings


But it's just a retail Version so I guess there will be more tracks and Project Pat won't be on it since he ain't with Sony no more.
Plus they said Al Kapone and Spanish Fly will be on it

Releasedate: May 2007

Skinny Pimp -Steet Mix Vol.1

Today I recived my Copy of Kingpin Skinny Pim's Mixtape "Street Mix Vol.1.
I was a bit surprised, because I didn't thought it actually came out.
The reason for my dubiety was that the Mixtape was supposed to drop about a year ago, and Skinny Pimp & Ledstar Entertainment also sold them on eBay. But this was only a rip-off, or atleast noone recieved the CD (not sure, perhaps they had problems with printig the CD or mastering? But honestly I doubt that because it took so long until it actually dropped).
Whatever, the old, unreleased version had another Cover, so I bought it again as it was announced with the new Cover.
It's a Slim-Case Release with a professionally printed CD-R.
No Booklet, the Tracklist is on the backside of the Cover, but they printed it upside down. CD is hosted and mixed by DJ Cloud outta ATL (or: I guess he mixed it, at least his name is on the Cover)
The Tracklist is missing some features, I added the ones I recognize cursiv, but don't know many of them

1.Intro DJ Cloud
2.I Dwell
3.Blaze Anotha One
4.Whatcha Drankin (ft.K-Rock & T-Rock)
5.She Needs Some Dick In Her Life (ft.The Livin Legend)
6.Gettin My Work Off
7.Go Tell Ya Bitch Dat (ft.Lil Flip)
8.Take A Risk
9.Cush (ft.
10.Drill Yall Niggas ...Shawty Red (it's ft.Shawty Redd. Dunno what these "..." shall mean)
11.Do It Bigg (ft.Gangsta Blak (Gangsta Blac & K-Rock))
12.For Da Money (ft.
13.Rollin (ft.Z-Dog
14.Trick Or Treat (ft.Lil Jin (it's Lil Gin))
15.What Dey Hittin For (ft.Lil Gin, AK, Z-Dog)
16.Thats What It Is
17.Shakey (ft.Lil Killer)
18.Aint Flaugin (ft.Geno)
19.Pussy Bought Me Everything (ft.Mannish Mann)
20.She Works Hard (ft.Grudge)

all in all: good MixTape, nice to see Gimisum back in the building

Friday, March 2, 2007

Releases for March

•8Ball & MJG -Ridin High [pushed back from 13th February]

•Prophet Posse -The Return: Part 1 (2CD)
•Memphis Or Die: The Movement Vol.1 (DVD & Sampler) [pushed back from 20th February]

•Gangsta Blac -Parkway Drama

not much this month, but I guess I'm missing some.
Not sure about the Gangsta Blac CD, but at least he says it's finished.
The Prophet Posse CD will be off the chain tho!

some new MP3s:
Maceo (of Manson Family) ft.Lil Jack -Strapped
Prophet Posse (Playa Fly & Nicky Scarfo)- It's A Hard Job
Prophet Posse (K-Rock & Lil'E) - Crush Domes, Break Bones

Thursday, March 1, 2007

King JC - The King of the SouthWest

About a year after it was supposed to drop King JC's new Album, My Curse: 11 After 32 Vol.17 finaly should get released late April/May.

King JC was born in 1976 in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Albuquerque, NM eleven years later.
At this time JC already wrote his own lyrics and in 1993 he put out his first solo Tape which is supposed to be the first rap release in New Mexico ever.
In 1994 JC moved to Memphis where he recorded his 6th Album. Later he hooked up with DJ Trick and recorded the 8th Album which helped him to a deal with Cloud 9 Records (the label of Indo G) and he was featured on the famous underground Compilation "Down South Ballin Vol.2" (his Track: "The Stones", Dj Trick: "Friends Or Foes").
That allowed him to start his own label "Playalistic Entertainment".
He kept putting out Tapes, and in 2003 his first national distributed CD Ana Off My Chest was released with help by Select-O-Hits.
Also King JC had the famous website "" and made Interviews with several Memphis Rappers for it.
As he had to take care of his 3 children JC's career slowed down a bit during the last years, but he was not forgotten. He was amongst others featured on Chopper Girl's Memphis Posse Track "Zombies" in 2004, Lil Wyte maybe sneak dissed him on Doubt Me Now, and JC also says he's getting more calls and offers than ever, so we can hope for a great year 2007 for Playalistic.

Casual-One just released his new Album "Still Here Till Then", BlakHart founded his own Label "Black Circle Entertainment" and is about to release his first Solo Album "Vocal Venom"

•King Of Flava [1993]
•Vol.2 Versatile
•Vol.3 True Dat [1995]
•Vol.4 Welcome 2 The SouthWest
•Vol.5 Kingz Of The Underground [1996]
•Vol.6 Straight From The Bottom [1996]
•Vol.7 The Next Episode [1997]
•Vol.8 Kingz Day [1998]
•Vol.9 A New Beginning
•Vol.10 The Lost Tapes
•Vol.11 SummerMix 99 [1999]
•Vol.12 1999 Fall Mix [1999]
•Vol.13 Ghetto Beats Pt. One
•Vol.14 Spring Mix 2000 [2000]
•Vol.15 Underground Terror
•Vol.16 Ana Off My Chest [2003]
•New Era MixxTape Vol.1 [2004]

King JC & Lil J
•Forever Ballin
•Still Ballin [1999]

Everlasting Drama
•Timez Up [1998]

other Playalistic Releases
•2nd Family -Killaz From The BlackSide [1997]
•2nd Family -Reunion
•Monster -Southwest Assassin [1995]
•Misfit -Who's Misfit [1998]
•J-T.H.U.G.G. -Lyrical Bullets
•Young Ruthless Thugs -Same Titled
•Brother Marquis -Bottom Boi Style MixTape Vol.1 [2003]
•Casual-One -Still Here Till Then [2007]
•Various Artist -Memphis Gangsta Walkin' [2002]
•Memphis Gangsta Walkin' DVD

King JC's MySpace Page