Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gangsta Boo | Project Pat Books

Gangsta Boo currently writes a book entitled "My Life With and Without Three 6 Mafia".

What happened to Project Pat's book? I thought it should get released about the same time as "Crook By The Book"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


King Goldi is back out of Jail.
Koopsta Knicca is in Jail, again, because he violated probation by failing a drug test.

King Goldi -"Goldi's Novel II: Long Time Coming" is supposed to drop soon.
Koopsta Knicca -"Da Devil's Playground 2" is supposed to drop soon.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Releases: July

out now
•DJ Sound -"Vol.9: Negative Thoughts"
•Lil Yo -"Ridgecrest Killaz" (Lil Yo = Yo Gotti)

•T-Magic -"It's Official: Da Mixtape"

•DJ Chief Rocka & Gangsta Boo -"Gangsta Rock" [MixTape]

•Straight Outta Frayser Soudtrack [Lite Green Records pres.]
•Playa 1 & Bloody Bones -"Underground Hitz" [Lite Green Records pres.]

•Skinny Pimp -"Street Mix" [MixTape]
•Slicc -"City Sliccer" (he's out of TX, but he was down with the Gimisum Fam back in the day.)
•Three 6 Mafia -"Da Last 2 Walk" (pushed back to December, 4th)

•Kinfolk Kia Shine -"Due Season" (pushed back from June 19th)
•Playa Fly -"Mafia All Day"

•Playa Fly -"The Mafia Massacre" [MixTape] (means that the Album prolly gets pushed back)