Tuesday, October 30, 2007

D.J.Sound & Playa 1 Interview

The Finnish website Redrum-187.com made an Interview with D.J.Sound and Playa 1 about a month ago.

A good read, plus the first Interview with them ever, so check it out:

La' Chat signs with So Icy

La' Chat signed with Gucci Mane's Label "So Icy". Gucci Mane mentioned it in an recent Interview with HipHopDX.com. There are no further information at the moment.

La' Chat was already signed with a lot of labels during her career. She began with Tommy Wright III's Street Smart Records, but never dropped an Album there. After she left Street Smart she hooked up with Hypnotize Minds where she dropped her first Album "Murder: She Spoke" in 2001. After arguments she left the label, and in 2004 "Ultimate Revenge was released by Power N Industry. Old recordings tho, because that time La' Chat already was signed with Kia Shine and Jack Frost's "Rap Hustlaz" and recorded on her Album "Dramatize". In the meantime she also dropped an MixTape entitled "Gutta". After she left Rap Hustlaz she signed with Yo Gotti's Inevitabel Ent. and released her most recent Album "Bad Influence" in 2006.

•Murder: She Spoke (2001)
•Ultimate Revenge (2004)
•Gutta MixTape Vol.1 (2004)
•Dramatize (2004)
•Bad Influence (2006)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Yung C - "B.S.W. II: Reloaded & Uncensored" The Mixtape

01. Parental Advisory
02. Intro
03. Reloaded & Uncensored
04. That's What's Up (Reloaded) Feat. Mac Gutta
05. Gun Language Feat. Mac Gutta
06. Born In Da Dirty Dirty Feat. G.M.B.
07. What Ya Wanna Do Feat. Big Stang (Album Exclusive)
08. Army of Darkness
09. Play Ya Part
10. I Told Ya
11. Money Made Movement Part 1 Feat. G.M.B
12. If I Had A Dolla
13. R.I.P. Yung Pachino & Lil Ced
14. Been On My Hustle (Yung Pachino)
15. Real Recognize Real (Yung C. Pachino Feat. Yung C.)
16. G.M.B. Checks In
17. Ain't Gone Let Up (Reloaded) Feat. G.M.B.
18. What Goes Around
19. Intro To The Runnin' Man (L.P.)
20. Runnin' Man Feat. T-Mack & Mac E. (Album Exclusive)
21. Getaway
22. Fam First
23. Love Song
24. Crank That (Reloaded)
25. Proof
26. Dirt Checks In
27. Money Made Movement Part 2 Feat. G.M.B. & Dirt
+ 3 hidden bonus Tracks

Download 1
Download 2
Download at Soundclick

Yung C's MySpace

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Releases October

•8Ball & Devius -"The Rookie & The Vet"

•47Mobb -"It Iz What It Iz"

•Lord Infamous -"The Man, The Myth, The Legacy"

•DJ Sound -"Volume 6"
•Indo G -"Purple Drank"
•Montana Trax -"A League Of My Own"
•Project Pat -"Walkin bank Roll"
•Prophet Posse -"Belly Of The Beast: Part II"

•Bumpy Johnson -""D" Boy Muzik [MixTape]"