Thursday, February 22, 2007

T-Rock -Da Kush

new Album by the Memphis influenced ATL Rapper. Supposed to drop this spring.
Features by La' Chat and Area 51; productions by MAJ, DJ Cree and Shape Shifta.

1. Chiefin' On Haze
2. Mean Mug
3. 100 Feet
4. Red Paint
5. Fuckin' Wit Pimpin
6. Keep Da Weed Comin
7. Yeen Heard Me
8. Tension
9. Pull Up To Da Light
10. Pop Yo Collar
11. Clicked Up
12. Watcha Though
13. Ain't Talkin Bout Shit
14. Show It 4 Da Camera
15. Light Em Up
16. Butterfly Effect
17. Word Is
18. Dis Ain't What U Want
19. Let Ya Light Shine


Anonymous said...

this album is FIRE ... best down south rapper ALIVE

Anonymous said...

hi lol buen cds