Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Releases For February

out now
•Dirty Red & Lil Bay -The Unheard Platinum Hitz
Lil Gin -Da Professional
PB Mempfis -Pimp Tales Vol.1 MixTape (Gangsta Boo pres.)

•Prophet's Greatest Hits (Triple Six Mafia pres.)

•8Ball & MJG -Ridin High [pushed back to March, 13th]

Memphis Or Die: The Movement Vol.1 (DVD & Sampler) [pushed back from 23th January)

Mr.Sche -SupaStar [prolly pushed back to April]

•Frayser Boy -Da Streets Need Me Vol.1 MixTape (BAR Music pres.)

Kinfolk Kia Shine -The Cush (MixTape & DVD)
Se7en Da Great -GuttaVision Vol.1 MixTape (Nasty Nardo & Geto Star Ent. pres.)

1.Tizape Crunk
2.Killa On A Spree
3.Dirty Red Tha Ruthless Villan
4.Drop To Yo Knees
6.Sweet Robbery
7.Gotta Keep A Gun
8 .You Wont Live To Tell A Soul
9.Makin Marks Drop
10.Makin Unmarks Drop (Tha Saga Continues)
12.Just Smoke
13.Its All Bout That Money(&High)
14.Straight Gangsta
15.Tha Game Done Changed
16.Shot Out

Frayser Click Records

1. DJ Flip - Intro
2. Im Da Shit (ft.Gangsta Boo & Young Jeezy)
3. They Say They Waiting
4. Pimpin Ken - Drop 1
5. M.A.C.
6. Skinny Pimp - Drop 2
7. Dats Right (ft.Gangsta Boo)
8. Aight
9. Sippin And Spinnin (ft.Gangsta Boo, Bun B & Playa Fly)
10. Lil Larry - Drop 3
11. Talkin Bout Dat Cash
12. Pull Out Da Old School (ft.Indo G)
13. Dope Boy (ft.Gangsta Boo)
14. Cadillac Turn
15. La Chat - Drop 4
16. Smack Dat Bitch (ft.Gangsta Boo)
17. She Messin With Me
18. Ride With Me (ft.Skinny Pimp)
19. Dont Play
20. Fakers Haters And Traters
P.A.N. Records

2.I Keep It Real
3.Grown Ass Man
4.Hard Hittaz
8.In Da Club
10.Low Key
11.Time Will Tell
12.Life Or Death
14.Hit'em up
15.Hot Shots
Made Man Records

1. Intro
2. Let's Ride Ni**a
3. Da Summa
4. Gettem' Crunk
5. Throw Yo Setts N Da Air
6. Smoked Out, Loced Out
7. Gotta Touch 'Em
8. Late Nite Tip
9. Triple 6 Clubhouse
10. Tear Da Club Up
11. Where's Da Bud
12. 'Bout The South
13. Porno Movie
14. Good Stuff
15. Funkytown
Hypnotize Minds LLC

1. Intro
2. Relax and Take Notes
3. Cruzin'
4. Whatchu Gonna Do
5. Take It Off
6. Runnin' Out of Bud
7. Ridin' High
8. Like This, Like That
9. Stand Up
10. Fuck That
11. Get Low
12. For an Outfit
13. Memphis
14. Pimpin' Don't Fail Me Now
15. Turn Up the Bump
16. No Joke, No Lie
17. Pimpin' Interlude
18. Alcohol Pussy Weed

Bad Boy Records

1.Know About Me
2.Uncut (ft.Freddy Hydro & Gangsta Rob)
3.Geto Star
4.Out My Way (ft.Face)
5.Stunting Right
6.Get Me
7.Freddy Hydro Skit
8.Chokesum (ft.Chopper Girl, Nasty Nardo & Chi-Nigga)
9.Getcha Mind Right [MixTape Version] (ft.Nasty Nardo & Schizo)
10.Getcha Mind (ft.Nasty Nardo)
11.About Us (ft.V)
12.Hydro Skit
13.Fast Living For Myia
14.Dont Complain (ft.Chopper Girl)
15.Fight For Mins
16.To The Top
17.How We Do
18.Its Us
19.Pop That (ft.Nasty Nardo & Mr.Sche)
20.Gangsta Walkin In My Filas (ft.Nasty Nardo)
21.Get Your Nuts Up
22.Hydro Outro

Geto Star Entertainment

Nuclear Records

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