Friday, March 23, 2007

Ain't Nothing On Da Town

Not much is going on in the Memphisrap scene at the moment.
Since there's nothing to write about I decided to post some MP3s.

Only thing is that Koopsta Knicca gotta be out of jail, because he was at the Prophet Posse signing on the 20th.

Bigg Baby - Bigg Baby You Can't
Bumpy Johnson - On A Mission
Doc Holiday - 26Chromes (Snippett)
GreenTeam Hustlaz Inc. - Trouble
Hottsauce (of the Prophet Posse) - Lick It Lick It
John Doe (of the Manson Family) - Slizzard On Da Goose
KamiKaze Inc. - Still Love Ya
Lil Noid - What U Gonna Do
Se7en Da Great - GetoStar (Snippett)
Young AJ - Gettin Money

"if you like the sound go get the CD"
tho they're all unreleasd except for GreenTeam Hustlaz Inc., and Se7en Da Great. But you can keep it in mind.

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