Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Skinny Pimp -Steet Mix Vol.1

Today I recived my Copy of Kingpin Skinny Pim's Mixtape "Street Mix Vol.1.
I was a bit surprised, because I didn't thought it actually came out.
The reason for my dubiety was that the Mixtape was supposed to drop about a year ago, and Skinny Pimp & Ledstar Entertainment also sold them on eBay. But this was only a rip-off, or atleast noone recieved the CD (not sure, perhaps they had problems with printig the CD or mastering? But honestly I doubt that because it took so long until it actually dropped).
Whatever, the old, unreleased version had another Cover, so I bought it again as it was announced with the new Cover.
It's a Slim-Case Release with a professionally printed CD-R.
No Booklet, the Tracklist is on the backside of the Cover, but they printed it upside down. CD is hosted and mixed by DJ Cloud outta ATL (or: I guess he mixed it, at least his name is on the Cover)
The Tracklist is missing some features, I added the ones I recognize cursiv, but don't know many of them

1.Intro DJ Cloud
2.I Dwell
3.Blaze Anotha One
4.Whatcha Drankin (ft.K-Rock & T-Rock)
5.She Needs Some Dick In Her Life (ft.The Livin Legend)
6.Gettin My Work Off
7.Go Tell Ya Bitch Dat (ft.Lil Flip)
8.Take A Risk
9.Cush (ft.
10.Drill Yall Niggas ...Shawty Red (it's ft.Shawty Redd. Dunno what these "..." shall mean)
11.Do It Bigg (ft.Gangsta Blak (Gangsta Blac & K-Rock))
12.For Da Money (ft.
13.Rollin (ft.Z-Dog
14.Trick Or Treat (ft.Lil Jin (it's Lil Gin))
15.What Dey Hittin For (ft.Lil Gin, AK, Z-Dog)
16.Thats What It Is
17.Shakey (ft.Lil Killer)
18.Aint Flaugin (ft.Geno)
19.Pussy Bought Me Everything (ft.Mannish Mann)
20.She Works Hard (ft.Grudge)

all in all: good MixTape, nice to see Gimisum back in the building

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