Friday, March 2, 2007

Releases for March

•8Ball & MJG -Ridin High [pushed back from 13th February]

•Prophet Posse -The Return: Part 1 (2CD)
•Memphis Or Die: The Movement Vol.1 (DVD & Sampler) [pushed back from 20th February]

•Gangsta Blac -Parkway Drama

not much this month, but I guess I'm missing some.
Not sure about the Gangsta Blac CD, but at least he says it's finished.
The Prophet Posse CD will be off the chain tho!

some new MP3s:
Maceo (of Manson Family) ft.Lil Jack -Strapped
Prophet Posse (Playa Fly & Nicky Scarfo)- It's A Hard Job
Prophet Posse (K-Rock & Lil'E) - Crush Domes, Break Bones

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